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Vanilla Bean Coffee Medium and Dark Roast
Please read the title again. It should read, ” Fire Ant Torture Test is upon us. Yes, as I mentioned in previous blogs, we pick process, and roast our own coffee to use in the cafe and we also sell it on Lazada, Shopee, and our website of course. My wife and I do all […]
We moved to Thailand permanently about three years ago to escape the so-called Rat Race. The goal was to spend more time with the family specifically the kids. Yes, I am supposed to be retired. But who can sit in a rocking chair all day, sipping coffee and surfing the web amongst other mundane tasks? […]
Enjoy Today
We’re in the middle of a (very) long holiday weekend here in Thailand. Our farm store/cafe is normally open Saturday and Sunday however we’ll be open tomorrow (Monday) too. Since we are out of ingredients for pizza, we will be serving hamburgers and (farm grown) turkey sausages only. Looked back at the pictures I took […]