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The Good Earth

Turkey Farm

Having a small farm, we try to use our land wisely. We have a few hundred of vanilla, coffee and pepper plants since these are our main crops. The rest like lime, lychee, mango, banana and papaya trees we only have a few. There’s quite a bit of dragon fruit trees now (started out from just one plant). We have herbs and vegetables in the garden. Bees and stingless bees are important pollinators and provide honey. Poultry is also a big part of our small farm. We even raise some fish in our small pond. Smaller the farm means smaller the income. However, it is fulfilling to be able to live sustainably. We come to appreciate the food made from fresh ingredients that we grow ourselves. It’s also easier to maintain a small farm and keep the land and its environment balanced and healthy. And that’s what we hope to pass on to our children – the Good Earth 😊.

My wife, I, and our two sons own and operate Siam Vanilla & Spice Trading, near Tat Ton National Park in Chaiyaphum, Thailand.

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